1 Million Bytecoin Giveaway!

Guys I’m going to be giving away 1 Million Bytecoins probably later today or tomorrow, but I also want to make video about it, I want to inspire from MrBeast content with giving people challenges in order to give them bytecoins, and I’ll make it massive, I need your challenge ideas, also I’d appreciate if you help me on setting up the challenges :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share my discord right here, but if you already have my discord please feel free to dm me, thank you all!

Update: I decided to make 6 videos, and I’ll be giving away 100k on first 5 videos and for the last video I’ll give away 500k Bytecoins!!

6th Challenge video concept will be squid game in Pixel Worlds


give me 100K and ill give you the best ideas for challenges :blush: :+1:

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Or maybe you can join one of my challenges in video and win that much :smiley:

pay 50k to read this. its full with good ideas. no cap. potato needs money. its only half of what fazeus offered. and he didnt post any ideas.

I saw your gm’s, you can just use p2p games, but its like a tournament, or parkour ofc, the famous giveaway games (spleef, colour etc.), or some wiring thing, maybe even a contest in something.

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Survival in a area like circle or smtng sounds right ofc TRAPS, SPIKE, LAVA, death…
Around the circle also a time limit
Or make a big boi circle and make it smaller over time idk sounds basic huh…

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thank you guys for your suggestions