[10K bc] Giveaway

Heyy! After one year of break I am finally back to Pixel Worlds. Because of this I am giving away 2 wavy familiars (optionally 5k byte coins each) to two lucky winners.

Just like a post and leave your discord/instagram name so I can reach you in case you win :slight_smile:

Ends in 3 days. Good luck!


i dont have discord neither instagram… my luck i guess :frowning:

anyways welcome back :smiley:

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I can reach you via forum so it’s ok :+1:

ah alr thank you!


omg is that block familiars!!!11!!1


Im not so active on discord.
But Jonas-Craft#5711
But can u contact me here in forum?

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Tellcode#8655 >:D

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Welcome back!

And i will join the giveaway just because the familiar looks nice hehe


Thanks and good luck :smile:

Welcome back man!

Disc: K3vin#9620
Insta: mr.fazeus

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Thanks and Good luck!

Hi welcome back! Contact me on forum i will try to check daily or just in-game Midorifuji i am often online

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Welcome back to pixel worlds

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I like cheese
Welcome Back!

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Thanks & good luck :smiley:


Also whats your netowrth

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I don’t feel like sharing with my net worth, I don’t really grind anymore. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, welcome back. There’s not much on PW right now, but they say Halloween will have something new.

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Blue cthulhu

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