1NB4 has officially left the community

Something something check out my reply and you don’t have to care.

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You do know that the clan discord server exists right :thinking:
Also no problem

I do, but I can’t do that since my phone is in lockdown. I’m currently using my friend’s phone.

Oh alrighty…

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you do know that logging on discord is possible on your friend’s phone :stuck_out_tongue:

last time I did that, people are shipping me with a player.

Hmm? :eyes:

In second thoughts, this clan excuse will be permanent. I have left the clan and won’t be coming back to the game.

I’ll be focusing irl stuff and studies and to my new not-really-a-hobby esports team that I’ve been recently selected to join their team in codm.

Thank you for giving me a incredible journey at this game. I’ll be signing off but I may still lurk at the forums.

May our nostalgic moments be with us.
xoxo :kissing_heart:


You are a nice guy , it was nice having you in our community


Good Luck on your E-sports team and study. :’)


Goodluck on your irl stuff and I wonder what game in esports are you playing

I’m going to politely ignore this part :slight_smile:



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20chars moment ok I off

Goodluck in real life with studies,esports… etc.

i guess i am going to miss you.


All the best in your studies and all. You were great.

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It would have been appreciated if you left a message in the clan chat or clan discord server than just leaving. We didn’t know if something happened or smth.

Anyways, goodluck with stuff! May we meet once again.

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I feel unconfortable doing that, it’s like announcing everyone I’ll quit and people would react I guess. I want to make it secretive.

Thanks for being my first friend in-game (who I haven’t met in gt before since I added them first)

And for everyone, thanks for the support. But everyone knows all of us will quit.

For some reason, I am still addicted at lurking at his forums even tho I’ve given my 4pls to my close friend. :wave:

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Gl with ur study and esports.

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Well, it’s sad to see you go. Hope you’re able to get your studies done, and have a good time with your esports team.

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