2 step verification

Pls 2 step verification system in game!

This already has been suggested a lot before by tons of people.

Like the mailing system or code redemption. We already know they won’t bother with these suggestions and rather implement other dumb ideas such as restricting WLs.

Why are you still complaining about that?

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Because it was one of the dumbest ideas in history that somehow made it into the game. What other game has worked hard to ensure that their main currency doesn’t get used as a currency?

Bytes came a bit after the release of the game and with the pwe system, the shift was already planned since a while i guess.

Dumbest idea… i disagree… At first i was like: Oh nnoonnonoo! This is bad! Bad idea noooo don’t!

And after i realized that the shift wasn’t that bad and it’s surely better like that.

Imagine new players come in the game and they have to figure out all the system that the currency is an item that is used to lock a world and you MUST use this to trade otherwise, people won’t accept the trade.

If the community already established something as a viable currency, embrace it instead of trying to get rid of it.

People in GT started using WLs as currency, and as such vending machines were designed to accept WLs.

Can you imagine how hard this would be for a new player (that don’t come from Growtopia) to understand that the currency of game is an item that you also use to lock a world?

Also, World Locks became untradable for many reasons that Jake himself explained in like a 20 minutes video.
Just stop talking about that, the shift has been made since 4 months already.

End of the discussion.

The “reasons” are just propaganda. And if a new person comes to GT, they also have to know that the main currency there are WLs, but just by playing a bit, they can get that knowledge.

Its smarter then your ideas…

they never said wls are the main currency of the game.



Aw great, a random thread has now been converted into an argument about how WLs are better. Come on man! Move on! Devs will not listen to you so just ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON!


bro it’s been already 4 months since this change :skull:


Can you just shut up and glow up :roll_eyes:

Megamind meme vibes

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