20 sub giveaway

At 20 subs on my main youtube channel Mikey_Pro_Playzz I will be doing a giveaway. Also subsribe to my 2nd channel: Mikey_Pro_Playzz2. And sub to my brother: Jrd_Pro1


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as a guy with 700 subs i can relate to this

no what? do you think im stupid or smth?

Kind off. You don’t need a second channel if you don’t even have a primary one (also you’re making PW content)

Your name sounds like 6 year old me searching for a good username (no offense)

1 im not a 6 yr old. and 2 lots of great youtubers have 2nd channels like: Jake of Pixels, SuperMarioRichie, Chaosemraldstar

Brah I saw your channel and you looked under 6

I didn’t say you were a six year old :3

I mean you said it sounds

I don’t know 2 of those

Im not under six. why cant you understand?

he doesnt say you are six he says the channels name looks like it was made by a 6 year old

whatever man it wasnt made by a six yr old

This post made me smile, I fail to understand how no one in the comments understood it was obviously a sarcastic joke.

I’m not going to judge your channel, we all started from somewhere (especially being young bucks), but honestly you chose wrong game.

Pixel worlds is not active and it will not bring you even a small amount of subscribers, because people gave up on the game (for now) due to lack of content and other issues that happened since moderation swap

no im actually doing a giveaway at 20 subs moron

im not doing only pixel worlds content

The difference is those channels most likely have over a hundred videos whereas your channel has 5 you should work on increasing the subscribers of your first channel instead of focusing your efforts on two channels making you exponentially more likely to fail.

I wouldn’t be creating a second channel till you have at least 1000 subscribers

One of the videos on your main channel has 1.7k views when your second channel has 4 views and 3 subscribers most likely including you your brother and your second account

I think you know yourself which one is worth focusing on.