20Wls budget set ideas

Yeah! When you have some set ideas whit 20Wls post photos here

I mean With not “Whit” xD

Chaos armor set + Weapons + Thors helmet.

Is OUR set.

Here’s a very simple one.

I believe that this set would only cost about 6-7WLS in total maybe more or less, if you can get them for a cheaper price.


I love that set! Its ultimate-rich dude set

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Item List

• Wanderer Shoes
• Red Jersey
• Retributor Gloves
• Demon Wings
• Black Tights
• Devil Mask
• Punk Earring
• Red Spiky Jpop

Optionally you could also replace the Retributor Gloves (if you for example don’t want 1 Block Range)

Xmas Gloves & Gloomy Clubber Dual Sticks

Or Xmas Gloves & Insulting Bat (would go above the budget though)

If you enter the Contest with this and win, the Trophy is mine!


Idk i never had 20wls :neutral_face:

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Take your time buddy. Don’t feel bad for it. Enjoying the game is the most important thing.


there’s a lot of suit to wear, but choose the useful one.

Like good for Nether, Fishing and others,

Wearing Cyber berserker Set will fit for ya :slight_smile: it looks dope and useful

not sure if this even reaches 20 wls but this is the best set i’ve ever made

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I like making sets but the getting the richest player is my dream

Okie! It’s cool set in my opinion

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