24h Clock | Contest Entry

World Name: CLOCK24
Creation: 24h Clock
A digital clock that can display time in a 24h format. It can theoretically run forever, as it automatically starts from 00:00 again after 23:59.
Sadly, there is an issue with Wiring were Timer Gates (and I believe timing gates in general) can go out of sync with each other after the world they are in is inactive for a few hours. This is why the clock currently is speed up 60 times to showcase the correct “reset” at 23:59-00:00 (So it effectively is a 24 minute clock right now). Reverting this simply requires changing the settings in the used Timer Gates from minutes to hours and from seconds to minutes, so this Clock would still be capable of actually showing 24 hours.
Due to the bug, you sadly might have to turn it off and on again (using the lever in the bottom left corner) to put the gates back in sync.

Ingame Name: GARG0YLE

World Screenshot


Impressive! Can i please have the wiring? I wanna build it in my world.