2FA for Ingame

Simple suggestion here. I know many others suggested this already, but why not bump the topic? Anyways, I don’t get why 2FA isn’t in the game already, when 2FA is on the forums. Since forums accounts aren’t as valuable (unless you’re a mod or a game dev, or even have 20+ hours read), Pixel Worlds accounts are hacked pretty easily and you could lose items that are really rare, and even items you bought for irl $$$. You don’t spend money on the forums, correct me if I’m wrong. SO, 2FA should be in the game.

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Not if you have set a really secure password on your account and you are careful and sussy links and the videos telling you to download a file to get for example “admins tools / fish / mine / nether hacks”.


yeah, but people still find out a way to hack accounts. There was this glitch that happened in 2020, where growtopia accounts, even with 2FA, we’re able to be hacked. Only time can tell if the same thing can happen to Pixel Worlds.

The biggest hack that happen in Pixel Worlds as far as i know, was the one from ylko (or someone with a similar name) he leaked tons of unreleased items in 2017 and so far, there never has been hacks that leaked players passwords.



I agree with 2FA being nice addition but I don’t agree with rest of your points.

Jake aleready said it’s not their priority at the time.

If you won’t be silly then no one will hack your account, it’s practically impossible.

People in PW as I know got only hacked thanks to downloading files which were suspicious and did steal their password with something like KEYLOGGER or having same password in PW like in some website / service which leaked their password. Then the “Hackers” tried the password on other services so they could potentially gain access to their accounts if they did use the same password on there as well.

No one can get access to your account just wia guessing because almost every service after few false attempts won’t let you to try guessing the password again.

The 2FA feature would most likely use only people who would want to be safe and know what they are doing, these kind of people wouldn’t got hacked anyways if they would be careful as they should. Most of the players wouldn’t need to turn 2FA on because they would think it’s waste of time or is just complicated to turn on.

Something similar Jake mentioned on one of his streams when people asked about 2FA, according to him it would take some time and much players wouldn’t most likely use it, as they are small team it wouldn’t be worth it.

Note that he didn’t say this exact thing but I’m pretty sure he did say something similar.

Hopefully this gives you an idea about why 2FA haven’t be added and probably won’t be added soon.


Ok ok, this does give me a picture of why it wasn’t added yet. I’m not silly for downloading files as I never did. But overall i get what your saying, and I’m fine if it’s not added rn. I’ll still be fine even if it’s not implemented 5 years later, when the game is more popular.

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As long as your password is not “1234567890” or giving out your password to anyone and you’re not clicking any phishing - malicious links, you’re fine.