3 Issues with the Best Set Competition

First of all, the Best Set Competition is a very cool feature in my opinion. It adds more use to Wearables, allows players that like creating Sets to challenge themselves and also offers a reward to some of those who participated, even if they may not have won, encouraging people to try and get better. This topic is not ment to say the feature is bad in any way, it’s just to name a few issues I noticed and tries to offer solutions to most of them.

  1. There is no cooldown between votes.
    I think there should be a 5-10 second cooldown before you can vote again. Well, why should there be a cooldown you might ask. There should be a cooldown, because otherwise some players will just spam click on one side, to get done with voting as fast as possible, completely disregarding the point of the Competition. A 5-10 second cooldown will force them to wait and look at the sets, to at least incrtease the chance of those players voting for the better Set.

  2. The gender of your submitted set changes when you change the the gendor of your player, without you changing your competition entry. (I think this is most likelay a bug, but I still would like to mention it)
    I see this as an issue, as some Sets may have to be (or look better when using) the gender you normally don’t use for your player. This opposes an issue, as now you will need to use the gender your entry uses during the entire contest.

  3. Well known players can post their Competition entry.
    Now, how is this an issue? Sharing your entry could motivate players to enter themselves or give inspiration to others right? Yes, it could motivate and inspire other players, which I don’t think is an issue at all, it’s a good thing! The problem is, that posting your entry as a well known player can encourage players to vote for an entry, even if it looks worse than the other option, simply because it was made by a well known player. Of course, not everybody will start voting for well known people like a maniac, but especially when well known players specifically tell their fans/followers to vote for their set, even when it in some cases completely disregards the theme of the current Best Set Competition, it can become a real issue. The Competition will then turn into Most Known Player Competition.
    I do not have a good solution to this, maybe well known players posting their set and specifically telling their fans/followers to vote for it could get punished somehow, but this would have to be done on a case by case basis and would use up the valuable time of moderators and admins.

I hope at least issue 1 & 2 can be resolved easily, and that there may be some way to combat issue 3.
Thanks for reading!

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well firstly most people wont be spamming because i think it is fun to look at others sets and maybe if they do they might stop because the chances of winning the voting prize is at around 1 in 100 and 25 votes taking your time will only take 3 minutes whats the point in rushing it i dont think point 2 really matters in my opinion then lastly you realise that you cant choose one specific set to vote for you get an option between 2 the chances are your not gonna get to vote for the popular players set

  1. People that are simply not interested in the other sets and do participate just for the chance of winning the 10k gems (the chance does not matter) will still not want to spend their time on something that they simply deem useless or waste of time.
  2. Of course the second issue is not something that has a major impact on players, however, especially as the Competition is also ment to let players create Sets they would not wear normally, you should not be forced to use a gender you don’t want, if you want to have better chances to win the Competition.
  3. Of course they can’t all go out and spam votes for the popular player they are a fan of. Still, when they have to choose between the better looking Set and the popular players Set (which they recognize, especially if the pupolar player made a post telling people to vote for him), they will choose the popular players set, still defeating the purpose of a Best Set Competition.

P.S.: No offense, but maybe use paragraphs or something else to structure your message and make it easier to seperate your points.

I agree with point 1, there should be at least a few seconds between each vote though we don’t know exactly how it’s gonna work since I’m not sure if the voting phase is even open yet. But yes, the main point is I think it would definitely be helpful.

Point 3 though I’m not sure what to say about that. I don’t want to say that you can’t control what people do on social media… I’ll rather say I can’t think of a measure to “fight” this, let’s call it that. I don’t think they can just go around telling people that it’s illegal to post their entry set. Judging by Jake’s video though I can tell that the names are anonymous, so if I were to go on instagram for example, post my set and hope that my followers would just vote for me… wouldn’t really do me any good. People could just copy that set, then there would be 2 exact sets and we’d both get a higher amount of likes. Nobody would know which one’s my set and which one’s my copycat’s set.

I think the fact that the names are hidden is the best way around this. Can’t think of anything better right now…


This game is slowly becoming YoWorld