3 success LVL 5 mine key

hello guys sorry i make 3 topic a day…
today my first time doing lvl 5 mine and got cool stuff!
i got 14k gems total playing 2 hours
here everything also i get my first dark stone

first mine

second got so much
also nothing special here

idk if this profit ._.
here when i create dark stone

also i use a set were actually over idk 1pl or smth:

  • deep dweller shoes
  • deep dweller pants
  • deep dweller shirt
  • deep dweller beard
  • monocle of seeing
  • sturdy mining helmet
  • excavator gloves
  • wings/jetpacks/jump packs/cape
    thats all i think

don’t u try to get more nuggets each run?

i get 30 nuggets at lvl 4 so i get 50 total 20 for the bonus so 2 run 100 nuggets

We are unlucky somehow but congratulations for trying.
You should’ve tooked all the nugget, but it’s risky.

Dude you gotta get at least 60 nuggets every run if not your wasting your wls

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yea but its really hard, i just almost died in lvl 5 cause there is like 10 minsters just appear at the same time 4 gassy,3 giant bat,2 rocky horror,1 maggot

Uuuuuse healing potionssss

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i have alot of them okay…

Not brag but, in the past i got two pocket watches in a mine XD

14k gems 2hours?? Ive chosen the right path xd

Nice to hear about your success in the mines. :smile:

I would also recommend you to try to loot the mines as much as you can.
Try to clear every dark space in the mines, to get all the nuggets and gemstone blocks as possible. And if you are struggling because of the monsters, you should bring some Healing Potions with you, those might be handy.

Good luck mining! :pick:

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ok i selled my healing potions 3/1wl so i need nether soul now to make more

idk i should try lvl1 to 5?

Yes, you should grind level 1 keys. Then move on to level 2 until you reach level 5. Might take time, but it won’t make you lose your world locks.