30 stack of breaking blocks a day

I think it’s good addition, yes yes :+1:
Not only does it make it harder for bots and hackers, it also prevents sweatlords from losing sleep.

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isnt that already added? ppl talked bout it in a recent topic…

There’s a reason this isn’t in the suggestions subforum

Idk, most people not using bots wouldn’t go over that limit, so if one does, they are most likely using bots.

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which is a good thing

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Ah, you were advocating for it, I thought you were being sarcastic.

nooooooooo :frowning:

I’m getting mixed messages here.

noooooo I wasn’t being sarcastic

Ah, so you were sarcastic

I can’t trust your messages now :sob:

Is neoslayer being sarcastic?

  • Yes
  • No

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wheres the maybe option bruh

It doesn’t help with the decision.

Now vote and indulge in democracy.


I disagree I think mass producing is good, with bots it’s more organized, I’ve made thousands a day off of this, thank you for the suggestion but I disagree no offense.

Hold up


this thread has nothing to do with mass producing.
You just indirectly admitted to using bots though.

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