300k gems, VIP active, what to spend to?

I didn’t exactly find a proper category for this, but anyways. I’ve got roughly over 300k gems rn, so while where I could spend it is my choice, I’d still like a bit of advice on where I could bust my 300k gems to.

RN I could buy 60 VIP hairs from the pack
Or a Synthwave Helmet for their eventual value rises

Test my luck with 375 St. Patrick boosters despite not having the perk that boosts the chances for rarer items in said booster

Buy a VIP wearable

Etc, etc.

Give me your opinion, there’s almost no wrong answer other than roughly 30k tier 1-4 seeds from a basic seed pack.

use it for everiting oki
it your gems so use it yourself

Spend them on what you like the most.

If if were you, I’d wait until a future update that catches my attention and spend the gems on it, but the decision is up to you. :smile:

I would spend the gems on the rare hair pack that’s currently available, because they’re almost guaranteed to rise in the future.

Hello there!

spend them on anything you want.

but i really recommend you to save the gems, for coming update, like new blue brints, new limited special community item, new vip items in store, and those items that special and limited that drop in the pixel worlds store time to time. :smiley:

Wait for the big may update. since it most likely adds new boosters, them sell the new items quickly after update.


I’ve come to think about this topic in a very logical manner

Community items are quite expensive, 255k gems and usually are easily worth 1+ pl after they’re no longer available in the store. However, this does increase the chances of me ending up scammed. After all, higher value items are more sought after. Buying sixty hairs in my already 10+ hairs I’m waiting for a decent rise for seems logical, but this pack hasn’t exactly been the most sought after.

Boosters are always a gamble, because I the end, a pl worth of gems spent on a booster like this could quite easily end up being worth half of it.

Final choice is bulk buying inexpensive stuff that people use, but don’t want to spend their precious gems for, selling all of them via PWE will be a lengthy process, but it’s the best way to cash out with atleast some profit.

TLDR: Either buy expensive stuff, sell them, but with a potential to be scammed, gamble in boosters or mass production fueled by a ton of gems.

Buying community items is an idiotic way to spend them although they may rise. you should just buy them for 60 wls there actual price

I wouldn’t say ‘idiotic’, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best way to spend them either.

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