999 candy and i got this!?

POV: you have been scammed by pixel worlds


Hand me the card if you want :sunglasses:

Why does everyone hate the card?

People prefer the other legendaries , not that card that is 1.5k bc.

Edit : :man_shrugging: the bt scammer ig :man_shrugging:

oh okay, btw what is the card’s name? or like what is the character in that card?


Ohhh okay, I will probably get that just as a collector’s item

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I spent 1.3 million gems for 1500 bytes

Well that’s a sad investment

  1. Because the card isn’t exactly special from what I can see
  2. Because it isn’t easy to show off something that, while a legendary, is only worth a thousand bytes
  3. More people would rather prefer flaunting their cool wings instead of a useless card
  4. Assuming you got it, and hate it, it’s hard to sell too
  5. Adding insult to injury, imagine grinding for 2 mil gems only to get a measly useless card from your BT runs

Yeah, very good points. I would probably buy it just to have it, for my collection