999 candy and no legendary

I have 999 candy and just got the nightmare wings but still no legendary. What is my luck :rage:
and people like JennaFei getting 3 legendaries in like under 400 candy. Influencers op

Walp… i used 1m gems and except a card, i got no legendaries… (i still got all ultra rares though.)

do you know a good way to get rid of all the blocks and masks and stuff?

Sell em :+1: and some you can recycle

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Yes, just don’t collect them xD

When i reach the top, i just collect the acid, fake blood etc (like all valuable items) and exit the tower by the menus.
That way i don’t fill my inventory with background that just take your inventory space.

I just collect clothes and valuable items on the way, if there is a background, i’ll skip it.

You just hit hard pity for Halloween legendaries.

Welp…1.5mil gems used 4 cards

I don’t play cards and they are cheap so i don’t like when i get them

Imagine the more pro you are, the higher the luck is lol

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You did get a legendary, it’s called the 999 candies Item Of The Week. It’s just not from BT tho.

1200 candies and all I got was a card

Don’t worry, if you didn’t get a legendary this halloween, then you will have a really good chance to get it next halloween.


If you got that many stuff and u dont want background/blocks/props ,just give them to me.

RNG is a female dog
250 cubes and no Richelieu