A Ban ID system

I think that every ban (from now on) should have a Ban ID, to make it easier for Moderators and Admins to find the ban in the system and potentionally remove it.
A lot of games and systems already do ban IDs, here are some example images from google.


Here are some images how I think a ban ID system would look in PW:

There is actually zero point in having this, all they need is your username and then they could unban you. If anything, this would just complicate the system even more, and for no good reasons. Other games have this system because their moderation system is built around it, that’s why they have it.


They can just have your username tho… right?

Just don’t get banned.


In Growtopia it’s very easy. Restart your router, then use a 1€ Wifi receiver. Veracrypt is a great software to use to create a reformated partition of a hard drive in order to hide the serial numbers of your hard drives, as most games like this one doesn’t hardware ID ban you, but only collect the serial numbers of your hard drives. If you don’t want to reboot your router or change WIFI receivers, you can use a VPN and TMAC.

Optionally, you can download Linux with Wine or reformat all your hard drives.

Probably doesn’t work in Pixel Worlds.

Why are you talking about ban evade when he is suggesting ban id to make someones case easy.

Because I feel that it’s relevant to the matter.

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That is not really true. Hypixel didn’t use ban IDs at all, until they decided that having a system like this would make it more easy. 5 years later, they implemented mute IDs too.
And Scratch didn’t use ban IDs before they implemented IP bans.

Your point is? Adding something just for the sake of adding something doesn’t make it a good idea, and in this case, adding something that would complicate the system even more wouldn’t help either. Like, how would this help if they can already do everything they need to do with just your account username?

Then why does PW have Account IDs if “having ids instead of usernames isn’t needed”?

  1. Not related at all to the ban system;
  2. Probably used so that they could change some users usernames without causing too many issues with the database. You could ask Dev if you’re curious enough.