A full mine in the total darkness!

Heyyy… after my video where i completed a mine without a pickaxe i wanted to do something in the same style but a bit harder…

Soooo i came up with the idea: What about a full mine but without breaking any light crystals ?
Anddd here you go!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Rip my eyes lol

(Yes it’s wayyy harder than a mine without a pickaxe because you can’t see a lot…)


Challange: Beat the mine with pressing space only, and do not kill any mobs

Challenge accepted!


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Another challenge: Complete the mine but when there is a maggot/bat chasing you, you let it chase you

Like i don’t kill it?

Ez i can just dig down lol

yeah, it sounds easy, but wait until more and more come lol (and do it on lvl 5, and no armor)

If i can do it with epic pickaxe then, challenge accepted!

alright goodluck :DDDD

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The challenge is unlikely to be finished, you can only move horizontally since you’re only pressing space

i dont think you can go down with only pressing spacebar tho xD

stuck in the mines for eternity

Vertically tho?

What do you mean by vertical? Kinda confused

You can only move vertically, not horizontally

how is he gonna move only down with the space bar

You can only move right to left though, you can only punch left or right since that’s what the space bar does

Ah, I thought spacebar jumps

You used “move”, that confused me, they can move in any direction, they only punch horizontally

Wait, if they only use spacebar then they can’t move right or left.

Yeap but i think i will only do it like : Can you complete a mine without mouse?

I knew someone would eventually say that :skull:
But you already know what the original thing meant, space bars with A-W-D or < ^ >