A new addition to portals

If you enter a nether portal, you have to wait a total of 20 seconds if you want to do it alone. That is a very long time if you want to do it over and over again. It would be a good idea to implement a “start” button that automatically starts the nether. And it would work with jet race portal and secret base portal as well. But if there are 2 people, they both have to press the start button for it to work. It seems weird implementing a “start” button in pixel worlds though, but there could be a way around it, for example flipping a switch or pressing a wiring button.

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You don’t know if someone is going to join or not. Sometimes people comes after 15-20 seconds.

He wants it for the Nether Portal, great idea. :wink:

But does it matter? And if you are all by yourself in a world then no one will come.

There is an option to consume scroll and play with random people