A rather weird incident/question (Read It)

The community here is great but I have a rather weird question, I’ve joined the forums at around 20 December and there were alot of topics, and I made a topic named " This stick is actually a stick "
Yes, it is a silly name and it only had a picture of a stick, but for some reason it was recognized as trying to get moderators attention which was kind of weird :thinking: . Well, I didn’t know a stick can attract moderators :confused:

pretty sure it’s because on the old forum i called a moderator a stick in the mud and attached that picture and then a certain someone saved the image and continued to use it.

Nope, I usedStick – Official Minecraft Wiki

oh wait i thought you were talking about a different thread.

Thats the title, and eventually my thread named that was removed because it says it was for moderators attention, also to add more info : I didn’t use any words in the thread (Except the title), only the picture

Also this is not to say that moderators are abusing their powers, maybe they somehow mistaken it for another thread? Well I forgot about the thread pretty much so maybe I forgot about the other details