A Story about soil

When it comes to soil, every pro’s say lol and noobs says stupid. You offer a Sprite wings for a soil to a noob the noob will say ur stupid. When you offer a pro pumpkin jet pack for a soil the pro says lol, but still accept. Lesson from the story, the community still have faith.

(Unless a fortnite kid who lose at fornite and just got scammed will swear much to you.)

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Soil is powerful and should not be disrespected :eyes:

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Soil can be used to make stuff with the stuff you can make more stuff and with the stuff you made from the stuff you can make other stuff…and you can make world locks, buy items and play the game with others

You can play the game with others either way.

But you can make stuff

Fising the king of extremely random topics

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You can design your world with soil, let them judge because soil will always make you a pro player.

But you know what, cave wall is proer so… lol noob (joke please forgive)

I got no idea what is happending.

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