A thing that I wanna do in this game

Scamming other players because Jake tells his viewers we can do it :smiley:

You’d be a great contribution to society.


thats a HUGE CAP

or u joking idk

I watch Jake upcoming video in his youtube today. Definitely chobblesome.
*edit : it’s coming in <1h

Least sociopathic pw player

Jake isn’t even a moderator now. In the eyes of the superiors, he’s nothing but a mere mortal who used to rule over them.

Jake’s opinions or sayings may not make an impact now.

A thing i always wanna do in this game is getting enough bc to help some of my real life friend that’s been playing this game

sussy baka :closed_book::postbox::mailbox_closed: (jake sus)

don’t take my thread seriously lol, it’s all joke :smiley: