A thread dedicated to simping for the beautiful items in the jet race update

Let’s sit and talk about how god dang awesome they look.

Every single one of them. Even the resprites. I didn’t even do a race yet and I’m still simping for these designs. Just take a look at it and you tell me they aren’t good. Come on guys let’s spit it out


red jet is my favorite

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aviator scarf is worth to be simpin


I like the black mask. goes for alot too.

I like the Paratrooper Beret, reminds me of the Paratrooper Recruit from Tiny Troopers

The space pilot set and aviator scarf are my favourites, also all the masks are sick

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I never looked into the planes yet or jets. i dont have alot of gems at the moment so… :upside_down_face: