A way to see the old forums

Way back machine gives you the possibility to see and find old webpages. Works with Pixel Worlds Forums as well: https://web.archive.org/web/20190125191758/http://pixelworldsgame.com/


Suggestion: what about adding the old theme as an option for those who have been using the new forums for at least 1 year.


Will this work with every post or only some posts?

Way back machine didn’t archive all of the threads though :frowning:

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That’s a decent way around it which doesn’t require additional time and resources spent by the development team to execute. However, Wayback Machine currently offers only a few saves at different time-stamps of the “old forums” that came as automated saves. I’d suggest manually saving the page in its latest state before it got close due to current forums’ development, should do.

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Wayback only archived like 7 threads.


Access denied on some pages

my private messages all gone doe :pensive:

Yeah it’s completely useless rn… i know they did say archives will be soon but I hope this wasn’t their plan.
After all I did say I might quit if they didn’t have an archive, because I’ve been waiting ages for forums to come back, and they never even warned us beforehand about them revamping and deleting all our work. I had a lot of plans with recovering lost things.

I don’t think they paid attention to the fact that this was the most important thing to note about the archives:

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Oh god, this is gonna take some getting used to

If they don’t have another archive somewhere, then that’s going to be a decent amount of Pixel Worlds’ history that’s gone forever. Hopefully this is just a temporary way to see the site, but even then, you can’t see anything from 2019 or 2020, (at least on the device I’m using).

Also, you shouldn’t quit the new forums. Even if there isn’t an archive of the original forums, there’s still tons of fun to be had here.

Not sure if this is a hidden archive or just the organization of the old forums, can’t tell yet (see red area)

It’s just a list of the old forum categories :slight_smile:

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Well this is actually awesome

I meant quitting the game all together.

No, it really isn’t, because it doesn’t function

Damn, that’s pretty brutal. Out of interest, in what way does the forums not being archived (as far as we know) motivate you to quit the game?

General disappointment stacking up.

I just mean in terms of being able to go back to the old forums in general, I forgot about wayback machine.

I guess I knew what I was doing putting my old fanfictions on Wattpad way back in the day, lol.

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