A world value question

Close to fully planted platform world
All spike bombs
Easy 4 letter name

I’m struggling to value it

5k I would go for (20)

Is this the world name? Or am I being dumb?

its not

Why would that be the world name when he clearly stated it’s a four letter world.

Why don’t you calc all those spike bombs ,and 4 letters aren’t really rare, so if you have valued the world 4.8k just for spike bombs, then sell it for 5k,

200 byte coins for a 4 letter world, you made a fortune.

Thanks for the replies.

I found the world 95% planted and top to bottom platforms.

I already have a fully stocked SB farm (and it’s a beauty @MEER - this is nfs)

I have found so many decent farms of late I’m drowning in them !..

On the same day I found another half stocked (it’s only half height) SB farm as well

As for 4 letter names well some are good others not… Also they are a great way to ‘hide’ and yet be easy to type / reach.

As for 3 letter names i don’t believe the prices i see … I have quite a few of these too .

World name is @GZOX
Oh and more than 5k! I’ve been looking at it again - it’s a really decent world and name
Plus having been making (ongoing) two stacks of platform seeds this is no cheap world!
If anyone is interested just message / reply to me here… I won’t do anything with it before Sunday…

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15k, better keep the world for more value because nice named worlds and rare named worlds are getting hoarded right now

I’m on same page re keeping it

If someone pays up I’ll sell otherwise nope , i don’t need the money I just have too many …lol

I have been hoarding worlds, more by default than anything else…

I’m not convinced all these odd 3 letter worlds have the values shouted about…

What the… Basically heart attacks??