A world where trash goes?

So… I was thinking about a world where when you trash an item it goes there with a name like pixeljunkyard

Or something where noobs could go to get items
(you might have to pay a small price)

I’m not sure if this would really be used or is it even good noobs getting items for free might make people just stay there to get items because people if there rich might even trash an item worth a wl because if you’ve got a dp you might trash expensive things

Also I wonder how hard this would be but I do know if it’s hard to do it’s probably not worth it cuz I’m sure people would be angry if this was an update in itself and I wonder how many items are trashed a minute 100? 500? I have no idea

I want to hear what everyone thinks about this

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This is pretty interesting

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How those item would be there on the world. Dropped? On some chests???

people trashes randomly, even world locks!
this is useful but i can tell, people will use alt accounts to find useful items.

overall, very useful for new people. but might have a negative impact.

I’ll accidentally trash my dp and find some random noob walking around trying to sell it for 990pl

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I do not really agree on the newbies can get items for free.
They could make alts to wait around good stuff
Or imagine if someone starts and asks you how to get items and you tell them to get them from a junkyard…

We could create an actual junkyard outselves. It wouldn’t be the same, but we could drop our trash in a certain world and then starters could take that trash, basically a world where people drop their trash and then other people take that trash.

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Isn’t that what happens in real life?..

“one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

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Seems like I belong in the world then.


Ye I’d say in some sort of chest

Yeah it might be negative but It could work

They could make it so only level 20 + could enter maybe idk

Ye that could be an alternative

time to go and get some treasure then