A zombie infection event

A PVE where if we’re inside a world (any world) theres will be a piece of paper falling , and if you pick it up, you’ll get a piece of paper, you need 5 of it to combine and make a paper contains info about the zombie cure, and we need to go into a specific portal (kind of a door, the model was a metal door with help and blood splatter on it) and then 5 other people will join, and we get to explore a big city with infected people, and the enemies are zombies, animal zombies, mutated creature, and survivor, we could also save people that we’re trap inside the building, and if we complete the first area, we move on to the next area, and the finale area would be a cool bossfight, it has 2 boss zombie that will spit acid, stomping, and also charge.

I’m also thinking about a witch event, where we go to a world named “witchestower” we get to meet an old witch that told us if we want to enter the witch race, we must have a broomstick, which can be sold in the store menu, there are unique types of broom, and it cost 100 gems to enter, and 3 players, will race with their broomstick to the finish line, we can’t stay on the ground, because theres lava, and we can’t go up too much because there will be clouds and storm, and the obstacle are clouds, crows, U.F.O, Etc, and if we finish, we’ll get to have a material, that material used in the cauldron to get the prizes,

That’s my suggestion, if the idea is interesting, please reply nicely to me. GG


Wow! I like that idea! :+1:


Id love this to be added!
There should be also an announcement on how many players are infect globally.

this same as growtopia update. the end of growtopia -_- we don’t copy another game

It is, but might be different.

No, totally different mechanics.
Just because they had zombies means it’s the same.

Zombie Infection sounds nice
Not sure with the witch tower tho

I like the idea very creative