About forums and what I'm allowed to do here

Hello everyone, I’m new here at forums! Can someone explain me how it all works? :grin: Thank you for your time.


The following link is the forum’s general FAQ: Click here!

You can also view information about each category by looking at the pinned threads when looking under different categories via the home page.

Make sure that you read the rules before posting so you know what you can and cannot post. The forum rules can be found by clicking here. You can also chat with other Pixelians via the Discord; the code is PixelWorlds.

Hope to see you stick around!



<20 characters and I don’t know how to hide them>


This is a place where you have conversations from people and in different topics

Announcements on updates, contests, etc.

You can know the ropes by clicking on your profile top-left-corner and following the automated bot, how options works and build threads


It works like most internet forums. If this is your completely first forum, people post threads and people discuss on them. You can ask for help, or just discuss random stuff.


Yooo welcome to the forums! :wave::smile:


Ephus, from what I can remember from last time… you could actually spell or maybe you crashed while flying your plane and therefore lost a few a braincells?

As long as u use commen sense, and don’t break any rules it should fine. Welcome to the Forums :hugs:.

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