About mining

Hello , i wanted to ask which mining level is the most profitable ?

Level 5 with decent set and pickaxe. Don’t buy keys tho

Couldn’t be the highest level one with the most useful mining gear i assure you ( it is)

may you give me a good set. 10k is my limit

i mean by suggestion not items sorry if you misunderstood

just get the best pickaxe you can buy

what about set which items are best

Try to get items which give more huge gem stones

What do you mean by that ?

Diamonds give the most gems + pocket watches can be dropped in lvl 5 mines. Anyway, start over and try grinding the keys instead of buying.

Oh okay thanks , what about the gear excluading pickaxe?

what if i have enough bc, do i still grind them?

I would say this is the best set for mining.

Deep Dweller Pants
Deep Dweller Shoes
Excavator Gloves
Deep Dweller Shirt
Pendant Of The Moment
Miner Gasmask (or Excavator Mustache for lower budget)
Excavator Glasses
Sturdy Mining Helmet
Mouse tail

As far as I know mining is the best money making method. You can keep grinding

i mean i have all sets and epic pickaxe i should grind or buy pkey?

You can buy Lv2 keys and grind until you get Level 5 Keys. I do not recommend buying level 4 or 5

i suggest buying dd shirt thingy, the exca gloves and the helm that gives more gems i think?
idk if its within your 10k bc limit

I would really be careful with using mining as a method of profit if you’re a mobile user, I’ve noticed that it’s significantly more difficult to mine while on mobile. PC users have a very noticeable and unfair advantage while partaking in activities like the nether, mining, & the secret base. Mining is a very difficult field to dive into if you lack a proficient device.

Thats true i experienced it myself , like right about now i dont have availability for pc and i have to use my phone to play

sturdy mining helmet is 13k itself lmao