About Pwtools

Got a question? Not to rush the creator or anything, I just wanted to know. When will the new items be added there? Thank you

He quit Pixel Worlds.

I think it’s updated

wait… since when this app is on my pc…

Oh yeah it is, stupid me didnt activate auto update

It says it updated but I can’t see the new items

I can post the premium version of it if you’d like it

It had a PC version?

Yes, you can download it from it’s official site.

And if he chose to discontinue it and stop updates, we’d have no way to revive it because of the proprietary model. Way to go!

Idk i found that on my pc randomly i never used it lol

I’m sorry but can you not shut up about this subject? You are getting on my nerves, and probably a few others as well.

it’s really none of your business. Go make one your self then. Good luck trying to use licensed sprites.