About the overpriced items in PWE

Yeah im getting destroyed in the comments it sucks I cant delete this thread.

As far as i remember it has been Suggested before. And We know a Fake Price if we see one.

No, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, directly messing with the economy is the worst thing the developers of a game revolving around a economy. The most they should do is to cap how much an item can rise/drop at once.

Implementing a price ceiling will just prevent an economy from functioning properly, as it would prevent the rise of an item. Essentially, this would turn the PW economy to an command economy(Governments(Devs in this case) deciding how and where to allocate resources).

Apart from this, they would need to make a cap for EVERY SINGLE ITEM, simply just having a formula for each item won’t work as each item has its own demand.



instead we have to view the most recent sale and the time marks for the previous ones type-of-feature.

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Price ceiling? Sounds dumb if you ask me.