About the Short Movie -contest

Here you can find info and rules about the Pixel Worlds Short Movie -contest!

Create a Pixel Worlds short movie about something. The theme of this is… well free! :smiley:

  • Post your Short Movie to youtube
  • Length of the movie 3-10 minutes
  • Add this hashtag to the description of the video: #PWMOVIE
  • Add your IN GAME NAME to the description as well.
  • Contest ends 8th of September

That’s it!

1st Place: 1 000 000 GEMS
2nd-10th: GOLDEN VIP

If there are multiple people in a team then the prize will be divided equally among them. All these names have to be in the description of the video.

You can also post your submission to the forums into the correct post as a reply. If you have any other questions about the contest please reply to the correct post.