Account ban

So, basically, i got banned for 5 days. I was wondering if you could shorten the ban? As i said in the last thread, i gave my brother my phone, he hosted all the illegal stufff that got me banned. I promise, in the future i will be more careful and wont be giving my phone to my brother. Please.

You shall be banished from the forums for calling a topic a tweet.



You surely mean thread.

As i said in your previous thread: Your phone is supposed to be personal.

Next time, put a password on your phone and don’t let others access it :wink:

The ban’s not really so long, for 5 days you should try doing new things! MIght be fun to try out something new once in a while


5days is much, also got no games practically. Suggest some games ig

As said in the other thread you are lucky you weren’t banned for longer, there is no proof your brother was the one who did it, and besides you shouldn’t have let him play on your account as that is also against the game rules.

You put a like to my post saying extremely clearly, in a big font and bold lettering, that they will NOT REMOVE your ban, and yet you still post another thread?


I can send you proof bro.


It doesn’t matter whether you have proof or not, your account is 99.99% going to stay banned.


By trying something new I meant other than games :sweat_smile:
Maybe drawing, exercising, movie making, books


bro i play like 3 sports and books are just not for me

Well maybe you can practice those sports more during the 5 days then.


Says who? probably some bagguete that sits 24/7 on this game.

Well considering that you yourself said that you don’t have anything to do besides this game, I don’t know where that’s coming from


Even if it was your brother who did it, sharing accounts is not allowed even if the person who plays on your account is your relative + whatever got you banned happened in your account.

For someone that seems this distressed about a 5 day ban you seem like the couch potato.

Books are for everyone ( if you don’t like books I’m gonna lock you in a closet with a bunch of books and you ain’t getting food until you read a book and tell me the story and what it is about :slightly_smiling_face:)

do not defy ondrashek. He’s the expert in terms of bans.
His dark past led him to this point, from the ashes, to the genius of the forums, the celebrated Ondra.
Time flies…



just takes a week, you can’t be that addicted to pw

You’re lucky you’re not banned for longer honestly… But no, that’s pretty much the consequence.