Account hacked

is there any possibility of someone getting items he lost due to his account getting hacked
atleast with a little proof ?

i got hacked by somone named syntax and he stole all my items/worlds

Items are incredibly unlikely to be retuned. It’s your own responsibility to protect your account.

mybe he was able to enter the account cuz i use the same password everywere

That is once again your fault. You should use a secure, unique password for everything.

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Incredibly unlikely? So there is a chance?

Usually just in special cases where Pixel Words is to blame, or a hacker has obtained an item that shouldn’t be available to the community (eg. mod hoodie)

sorry you won’t get your items back, its policy because otherwise everyone who gets scammed/stolen from would demand their items back.
The most you can do is just change your password.

Stolen / scammed items cannot be returned.

This is honestly very wrong and sad they get away with stuff like this. People like them shouldn’t even be allowed in this game and people in comments shouldn’t blame you for something you couldn’t control. It’s not your fault they can hack your account, this should be taken more seriously and dealt with instead of being blamed.

And how was he supposed to know his account would get hacked? It’s not his fault he was a target by a hacker.

Nope, last year my account got hacked to and lost over 120Pls, and sended emails that my account got hacked. they can’t do anything about that.

Unfortunatly most of the account hacks in pixelworlds are because someone has used the same password everywhere, and the hacker has downloaded a database leak from somewhere else.
It was his fault that his account was hacked because his password was not secure and he said that he used it everywhere.

if you want to check if your account might be at risk, then you can use this website which lets you check if your email info might have been leaked somewhere.

you can’t do anything about it now, but you can make sure you have a strong password (and unique) so that it doesent happen again :slight_smile:

Small Note: Even if tells you that your password has not been leaked/stolen, there is still a chance your password was stolen/leaked somewhere not everybody has access to, or in a very small unknown leak.
So always go safe and use different secure passwords for everything!

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? He used the same password on every single site…? What did he expect was going to happen?

Your heart is in the right place, I can tell you that, but I mean, hackers don’t magically acquire passwords. It’d probably take some military grade hacking equipment to get into the Amazon Servers and acquire passwords for Pixel Worlds.
And someone with that power could probably just hack into banks or something IRL instead of bothering with a PW account.

The person must have used an easy to guess password, used the same password in multiple places, or told someone about it (which is unlikely but still.)

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Yea I don’t understand why would you hack a game

Dude I just checked this out from scrolling old posts. Thank you I just found out I needed to change a password

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