Account Reputation

Hello Pixel World’s Moderators and Players, I have a question, my friend had a good account in Pixel world but he decided to quit, he gave me his account now, I need to ask you guys, am I allowed to play with his account? Also, how can I know if the reputation of the account is good? May any moderator please help me, because if I can play with this account it will be my main account. Thank you for your kind help, have a nice day/night <3 !

Hello sir, I’m afraid that could get you in trouble.
First of all it is against the rules even tho if you got the account for free.
Also there is a chance that you could get scammed if you start using the account, players are allowed to email support to get their accounts back, all they need to do is sending the payment receipt, then they can get the account back with every item on it.

Well, that’s a good information to know, this is typically noted, I noticed why he gave me it for free lol, thank you so much for that help dude, you literally made my day lol. Thanks so much!

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Why not . Anyone with sense could see this is an innocent trade.

The only issue is XP and the levels it then allows access to.

Many players, me included , have worked hard to get their XP level up…

In short it opens doors you don’t get as a noob …

If the rules say no, you run the risk of the whole account getting a permanent ban …

Your call