Add Music

please add more musics to gramaphones (better ones) or just add music note blocks so we can make our music ourselves. The only song in game that i enjoy is solitude, nothing else


Its been over a year, since we got new music. so some new music would be nice.

Especially since player-made music hasn’t been introduced yet. Well, it might never get introduced, but who knows. Anyway, some new gramaphone music would be great.

Reasons why this is a very bad idea: because copyright strike

This is the only reason why player-made music is very bad idea

Then why growtopia doesnt get copyright striked? they had player made musics way before ubisoft bought the game.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ who knows…

Pretty sure developers can’t receive copyright strikes for community created content. If they could, basically any game that involves blocks would’ve received a copyright strike from Nintendo for someone building an 8-bit Mario sprite.

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imagine playing with sounds tho