Adventure mode - PW

Basically fishing and farming, nether and mining put together.

An extremely large world full of gemstones, monsters, plants and places to fish.
Abandoned castles of enemies with hidden prizes in chests

Spawn at the “camp” at the edge of the world, where there is a ship to exit if they wish, the deeper into the ground you go, the more dangerous it becomes. Player cap is 10 per one of this world.

It is entered through a ship in the dynamic world. It is like the netherworld with the “cabins” on the ship. Once entered, it takes you to the adventuring world.

Once entered, a clock shows up on top left, showing when it will be night time.
Players can destroy trees for different species of wood which then can be sold
to the lumberjack in the dynamic world.

Blocks take longer to break in this world. Pickaxes still work here.
Shovels break soil faster.

The sea has saltwater which can be broken for seeds(please don’t ask me how the ship still works after) which helps catch fish such as kingfish.

Players can crossbreed trees to build things in the world.
Items e.g torches give off light at night and underground(for every 5 blocks underground, your vision is reduced by 1 block around.) torches and other light sources offer 1 block surround lighting.

Torches can be made from any type of wood in the world, by placing and breaking the wood resulting in a wood block, which then can be crossbred with lava underground to make torches.

Treeant - miniboss that spawns in the forest. Plays whackamole with you and your friends
Vampire bat - acts like a slightly faster, but weaker wraith.
Goblin - moves towards closest player and attacks with a knife, if obstructed by something, jumps
Spawn in groups of 3-5
Ghost - slower, but stronger wraith
Giant bat - mining one

Ores can be found in the world randomly, including new ones: Amethyst and Quartz
If you are REALLY deep you can find abandoned quarries full of stuff to take.
The rarer ores(Sapphire, diamond, ruby) appear near the bottom of the world

Angler shark - can be caught only in underground rivers give a swell lot of gems but are hard as heck to catch. Requires fish as bait (larger fish = larger sharks)

Puffer - caught in saltwater >10 blocks deep. If failed to catch, the fishing line is cut, resulting in the need for repair(fishing line is lava + plastic crossbreed) 1 fishing line + rod = fixed rod.

Enemies underground in caves, much like the mine.

Once a enemy is killed, they drop gold bars, that when sold, give 5 gems per bar

Sounds cool but it just seems like minecraft but pixel worlds


Anyways, never heard of crossbreeding toilets in minecraft
Never heard of breaking water with your hands. Like your
Gonna to ever find a game that lets you go and
Give you gems for fish
You catch in the mine before going back
Up to sell them to a trader before going back in.
Never heard of a game that has giant bats that fly through blocks and
Gonna make you cry before they
Let you back into the mine to do whatever
You want to do
Down there in the ground
Never heard of a game that is
Gonna only give you 5 gems for a bar of solid gold before making you
Run back and get more for them and
Around goes the cycle
And you get scammed gold before they
Desert you after
You realize that gold is more than 5 gems

P.S You just got rickrolled

Also Minecraft is 3D :wink: