Advertisement Level Increased to 100

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Ohhhh now I understand, I couldn’t see the wavie familiar :rofl:

what th is david familiar

I freaking wrote wavie autocorrect hasn’t slept for 2 days because I have a large assignment due tomorrow.

ah alr. wait is your school open? ah i am so jealous my school opens like 21 days later and i am so bored at home

Jealous you should be happy my hands hurt even while writing this just that I am interested in this and school’s boring but I have to become a big man when I grow up.


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Omg is that what you actually look like @ghost2130 ???

Nah that’s a picture of David Bowie, was making a joke about an actual david familiar

Oh ok lmao

my man i have no friends beside than school ones. i cant even meet them because of homework they gave us for the summer holiday. i rather homework and friends then no friends and more homework than normal

no i have a moustache and beard(no kidding)

How?? I’m just 13 and I’m starting to grow a moustache.

i started having beard at 12 and moustache at 11. im 13 too btw

i just cut them btw so sadly i dont have anymore(for a small time) :frowning:

/vomit my whole class don’t even have a starting moustache I look so weird lmao

Fr lol?


Wow, took me a while to see… but it’s a very creative advertising lol. It’s called “Soft Marketing” in today’s world and is used mostly in movies.

thanks mate! (20 characters)