All in the new update!

did you guys know the glass pot ?
well i got the new recipe!
it was glass block + small chest

green paintball gun
i saw jake ig now i know where to find so ppls in ig said it was riffle or smth but i found it in pwe
ultra rare rarity i think new gun? from leprechaun quest or booster i have no i d e a

the secret wings
probally in the thumbnail the queen using new wing…ihate wings… so i think new main prize

.? Why does the title say “all” when you’re only showing one of the smallest, already well-known parts of the update?


i will post more in the reply btw

  1. golden plastic block/ golden block
    so i was in the mine and i saw the monster drop a shiny golden block
    i think it drop gold dust
  1. space warrior chassis blueprint (there is no way to get this…)
    i been searching pwe til found this…

    note:you can’t buy it from shop > blueprints even community item i cannot fnd it

It’s looking kinda cool

  1. crown of flame
    some of you knows this but i know where is the place
    it was in pixelmines gear npc
    it give bonus gemstones (JUST THAT?!)
  1. naptha (or naptha waterfall)
    This upodate have a lot new crossbreedable and this is naptha new water (brown color water)
    makes you 2% slower i think
    edit: 100 naptha can make naptha waterfall i forgot if it was in demon or old altar

Most of us figured these out but you could easily just edit the original post by updating it instead of flooding the thread below to increase your count.

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i edit the post no need reply anymore

with naphtha u can craft fluff too.

also plastik recipe is

  1. crossbreed clay pot and steel block.
  2. buy fluff with naphtha from demon altar.
  3. break the fluff for seeds and the item u get from step one.
  4. crossbreed to plastic.
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the gold dust is from the nethervendor
and nether vender also sells the blueprint for the jet fyi

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from nether vender you can get it with the speech potion me and my friend went there and found it

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How much potions? I WANT TO GET THE JET

Check recipe from Mining world, i wont be taking screenie from it someone posted about it.
I dont know how its linked to Blueprint or actually is it related for quest.

im selliing 1,500 bytes in the pwe

Nice! I actually knew only one of these and that was the gun on IG.

Loving the new wings, 100% gonna buy a few

Under a few you mean around 50-100