All new players comment i’ll help you!

i’m helping out new players ! & have anyone seen me in game before ?


No, I have not. Welcome to the forums btw!


Welcome to the forums! Btw is your name here in forums the same with your ign?

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Nice to see new people here, hope you will enjoy your time here!

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Hi im new player

here my questions

Who is Joe?

Where can i find who asked

How do i commit war crimes without violating the Geneva convention?

How do i solve world hunger?

How do i end poverty?

How do i successfully apply communism?

How do i fly?

How do i cure cancer?

How do i get not get an automated response from PW support?

How do i get bit maidens?

Answer soon pls :blush:


Me noob pls donate
need big house and BC coin.
Me rip rest in pece, skemr take all me
me help need fasst


Hello, im not really new, but I just came back recently after a year long break, 1k byte donation would really help me in a lot of ways.

Lots of love,

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I got a better idea, it’s called being self-sufficient


Joe mama

I asked

By not getting cau…i mean dont do war crimes

By giving me food. I am very poor

By ending it

By starting with pw >:)

Get wings


When you travel to year 2069


No need to thank me

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had decided to come to the forums to get my name more popular!

Wrong reason to join the forums

why you say that?? i came on here to have fun not be all serious about everything lol

yes it’s the same in game

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i’d help with that, my world name is @glockies meet me there sometime and i’ll pop up

Prolly seen you somewhere.

Yo, I need help with something, :smirk:, if you know what I’m talking about…


Me when it actually works

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Why light mode tho