All reset?

soo am get 1,5 million bc 1 day ago, its all be deleted?!

Am farm 16 hours, and all this be deleted?!

I feel your pain as have put in serious hours in the last week.

farming and careful (profitable) buying

Plus a lot of locks taken

So i will be annoyed.

Also claimed a 3 day vip hours before all this ------…

Did i mentioned I’m annoyed !

Am feel me bad… , its soo bad, all farm be deleted

No rollback confirmed.

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Am have 1 question its not rollback?!

rollback how much days? Or hours

no there is no rollback they have not said anything about rollback

Phew, I’ll hope that there will be no rollback, and if there is, I will leave the game, it took too long to farm 16 hours


Rollback be?!!! Or no?!!!

Bro people don’t know. Chill