Allow messages to players that are not in ur friend list

The title says it all. Currently its way too difficult to communicate with people who are outside of your friend list, especially when you want to purchase a world from someone who you are not familiar with.


Yes, please!
You’d have to give people the option to choose if they want to receive messages from people who aren’t on their friends list.


This would be so useful! But the only problem is that, by having this feature enabled inside the game, it could break the game for some player.
Imagine receiving hundreds or a great amount of private messages from people that are not necessary in your friend list in a short period of time.

It’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong, but maybe there could be some optimizations involved in this.


If it added then I would like to have a mute/ Don’t allow pm from other ppls option

This is a really nice suggestion. Perhaps something like a “mail” system could be useful, so you can contact offline players too.

That’s what forums/discord/Instagram can be used for. Unnecessary feature (imo) and too many downsides. Guestbooks are pretty useful for leaving messages in game, but majority of active pw players use some form of pw social media.

Not everyone uses forums/discord/instagram thats the whole point. Also you say there are too many downsides, what are the downsides?

More noticeable players such as mods, and youtubers will have their inboxes spammed by players. It will increase the amount of hate messages and unnecessary comments from trolls. It wastes time to work on more beneficial features. It’s impossible to know whether the message has been read/if the player is even still active or if you’re simply being ignored - I’m sure lots of world owners such as myself will get tired of people messaging for prices despite the world not being for sale.

For that case there will just be an option to not accept messages from other players.

But I want to be able to receive messages, however I loose out on this feature because of spammers? Doesn’t seem fair.

Good idea tho!
But i think problems would be that randoms could spam you with messages to join their “Dropgames” or something.So we would need a report feature or settings for it aswell.

You are counter arguing your point, you are saying you don’t want to receive messages and at the same time you do? If the benefits are greater than the negatives then it won’t be a problem.

There is a report feature for every message so i am assuming if something like this gets added then it would have one as well.

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? That’s now what I said. Read carefully. Not wanting to have several messages full of spam and toxicity is not the same as wanting to receive nice messages from friends.

Through your system, there is no in-between. It’s either both or none.

I think i already addressed this, but as i said every message in the game has a report/mute player button.

And you think that’s going to solve everything? Great! More work for moderators! What about high profile players who will receive large amounts of messages every day?

Yes yes
This is what i wanted for a long time

I don’t think you are understand my point, this is a feature which benefits players who do not have a public social media activity, its an addition not a must have, there will be people who will benefit from the system. If you are one of the people who for some reason are sceptical about it you would just be able to turn it off in the settings. And in terms of more work for moderators that would only benefit them, as it will allow for an easier way of spotting the rule breakers. High profile players will be able to choose whether they want to receive messages the same way everyone else would have that option in the settings.

Yeah we need this but ofc there must be an ability to choose do you want to get dms from random ppl u dont know