Almost empty world that i found for sale

World locks only. NAME> SILENCER

world for???(20 characters)

The name is decent and it’s almost empty maybe like 5wl?

2 wl hehehehehehee (20characters)

nty mate, the name is decent it’s almost clear i could clear this quickly and build a farm

less than 5 xd(20characters

or ill buy it for 500 pink minnow lures?

hellooo(20 characters)?

Chill out, contact him via private messages instead of flooding the forum thread

i forgot how becuz im new to this

nvm (20characters)aa


i figured it out alrdy but thanks anywyas

I’ll buy it for 1 more wl than dhar is offering. In any case over 5

noob name is not dhar

I’m sorry but I cannot understand what you just said dhar.

i just realized my username is spelled wrong

too tired to change accounts plus i entered the contest so ima stay in this account