Almost got scam my ds

pls mods ban this guy , called fire-fairy , he told me there is a glitch , by punching a wooden platform , then he placed a mannequin , to accidentaly swap my clothes and to take them , but that idiot fastly wrenched and i couldnt place , i was so lucky , please mods ban him

  1. Don’t publicly name and shame.
  2. Do you even have any proof?
  3. Send an email to with proof instead of making forum threads
  4. What did you expect was going to happen? Should’ve been obvious he was attempting a scam. Please think before acting stupidly.

Did you actually expect to send proof , this happened suddendly , so i have no proof to show , and second reason is that happened recently , i only made a screenshot with him leaving ,before saying to punch that slab

Think before you copypaste

I mean technically it’s your own fault. It should have been an obvious scam immediately. You didn’t even screenshot something incriminating he said in chat? Without proof, it’s unlikely anyone will be banned.

Edit: what do you mean copy and paste?

Second edit: I have no idea what you’re trying so say in your message below, but you’re welcome?

now i am a threat , so , i should let anyone saying he wants to exploit a glitch , which considering is a lie /doing on purpose to scam you/real , i cant come with a proof , but anyway , thanks for your interest

meh , then ill record next time , like u said

I understand the frustration and the thirst for justice to come. However, creating a thread like this may not be the best way to express your situation. As much as I disagree with the whole ‘anti name shaming’ rules, it is one that is effective in this forum, and you have agreed to abide by it so long you’re using this platform. For your chance of securing back your items is slim to none. Although on one stream Jake had mentioned something that implied he typically return the stolen items, there is no official confirmation. If anything, it’s stated clearly that stolen items from scam cannot be returned to its lawful owner.

Regarding your case specifically, without evidence, it is going to make things so hard that it might not even go through. Even though moderators are supposed to be granted access to check the game logs, it is not a certainty. Investigating a case from clear evidence be it screenshots or video clip would expedite the process by a huge margin. Without evidence, the accused is innocent. Otherwise, this would be very dangerous since anyone can claim the other to be a scammer.

Okay , okay , next time ill record , like i said , jeez :roll_eyes:

Maybe i can find him, ill send a video

Be careful next time. Sooner they’ll think of another way to scam people easily. Never trust someone directly.

I Bet the person is just using an alt.

That was first time when i experienced this type of scam , if i know it was a scam , i would happily record and bring footage.

Well, I would recommend you the same, be careful next time and if you feel like you are experiencing a possible scam, make sure you have something to back up your statements, you’ll need them in order to report a player.
Also, try not to name other people in public, only to the staff of the game.

Tip: If you smell something fishy/acting weird or energetic to another player. Or may be begging you to do so is already a suspecion. Take care~

Don’t publicly name and shame.

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i have some video about this almost happing to me. Just never trust anyone i suppose :disappointed_relieved:

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