Am hate this game!

if you say that I can buy a duped item, then how do you think I should have known whether it was duped or not, this is the fault of the developer, I see no reason to issue a ban for 10 years. You are spoiling the game anyway, why ban players?

RetNos what did you want to say?

Some bans were accidental and if you email support with details (like what you did before getting banned, what you bought if you bought items etc) and you are sure you don’t deserve the ban, admins will review your ban appeal and surely unban you.

Keep in mind you are not the only one in this case so if you dont get an answer fast, don’t worry, a lot of people are also sending emails to support.

tech support? Seriously? and if I don’t remember what I was doing at one time or another, the ban was issued for nothing, and those support simply does not want to answer.

Just write to support and detail all you remember and admins will take a look at your account.

Don’t spam emails tho, just write one detailed email with all the things you remember and it should be good.

I think that if the admins/mods have irrefutable evidence proving beyond a doubt that you duplicated an item, then there should be harsh repercussions, but if it’s somebody who can’t be proven to have committed the offense, then I think it’s a little unnecessary to issue a 10 year ban on the player.

Players who accept or buy duped items will be banned I’m pretty sure they do this to prevent the duped items going into circulation. As RetNos said email support let them know what you have purchased from other players around the time the dupes was going on maybe 2-3 days before the long weekend maintenance when they where dealing with the dupe. They will reply within a few days as they always have done in the past imagine the amount of emails support receives you can’t expect a reply straight away especially if they are dealing with bans which they need to look into.

Be like Tellcode:
Isn’t dumb and didn’t trade that much during the time as soon as the bug was known.
Tellcode’s a good boy.
(I hate everybody who type my name with a space and in lowercase :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: -
tell code. )

Calm down, the developers are trying to clean the duped byte coins and do a check about it

Edit: I think the ban is not because of dupe, otherwise 80% of ppls would get banned already

Good for you :blush: :wave: bye bye

Hi i got banned 3650 days but i didnt do anythink game says hacking but i didnt hack i think i got ban from someone gived me free black dragon wing qnd its dupe item so i got banned but its unfair how i know it was dupe please help me

The same i got banned like you

I did email to support and ask my acconnut name but they didnt do anythink and not saying anythink to me

Am too ask support but they ignore me. Bruh

It’s literally the weekend and you can’t expect there not to be hundreds of people who have the exact same undeserved ban that needs to be dealt with

So, the point is, be patient :+1:

Then why don’t they just remove the bans?

I’m kinda sure they need to investigate a bit aswell, there’s alot of people who got an undeserved ban but there’s also some people who deserve it

(Also how old are you?)

and the point is to ban everyone in a row, and then excuse yourself with the pretext that you received a ban for cheating. How is a person supposed to understand whether a thing is duped or not?
14) - my age