Am i a good forumer

Am i a good. Forumer

Yes/Yes/No but fising is handsome and beat james Charles

Besides sometimes spamming non-sense, I would say kinda good

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You were good at first, until you used your agressive move. I can say you are still acceptable. but make more useless topics to spammy topics and I’ll rate you bad.

No bad, only bad but handsome.

All you do is post nonsensical comments and irrelevant statements that never contribute to threads.
You also shitepost meaningless threads


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I’m certainly worse.

No :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, no


i say bad because he spams useless things. if he made useful comments, maybe it’d be more generous

edit: i tried putting a haha funny poll but it didn’t work my way so i deleted it lol - if you witnessed my editing, i am extremely sad about it :frowning:


As much I like to joke around and make memes as you are, it’s better to have other personality other than just that, like you a bad grammar joke or random meme, sometimes you need to be reasonable as well.

As well you, not a scam or doing anything illegall consider you a good forumer.

I mean, I agree that one would like to make a couple jokes and meme around sometimes, however it sometimes just gets a little irritating and spammy. Overall, you are a ok forumer I guess, but it could be improved.

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You aren’t a very good forumer your too random and spam constantly

I mean, you’re unique


I dunno much about the flagging situation in this community, but this reminds me that before playing Pixel Worlds I played Coaster Town, and I remember the CT Forums being taken down and the developer, MeanDean, moving to Reddit, because the flagging became a massive issue. Almost every post you saw would be flagged, and people starting flagging everything. I myself was flagged for saying “apple purple” and despite everyone thinking it was dumb, it continued to happen, turned out it was like one or two people just being d-cks flagging almost everything irregardless of what it said. Obviously that wouldn’t happen in a larger community like Pixel Worlds though

You made some rats cry so they decided to flag the post :sob::sob:

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some idiot is flagging loads of posts.
its so annoying

Probably Fising, or someone else.

Hmm, is this you @tutulek2 ? (Not accusing, just guessing)