Am i right?

My friend says bunny samurai idk name set will rise because it will NOT come back next year. I say: but it will come back bc its in booster. So, will it come back?

seasonal blocks/props etc, in seasonal boosters aren’t limited, but legendary items change every year.

example last year’s easter booster had robo-chick set and bunnynator set.

Learn economics bro, check out the items demands, use, and stocks. and optional, limited items because usually that’s how an item drops or rise.

not every limited item rises its a myth if the set simply doesn’t look nice and nobody wants to buy it, it can easily drop.

Why don’t you just look at the description of the item?

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That’s the reason why I added optional. I usually check on demands, use and items existing in-game to insure that the item will rise.

It literally says in the description that it is obtainable from 2021 Easter Booster. They are not coming back.



Unless they pull a quick bunnynator head again

Bunnynator was 2019 set in the booster, they accidentally added it in the booster again. However this was for a few hours it was fixed and became a visual bug in the booster.

Exactly!!! (20 CHARACTERS)

oh i meant 2020’s easter booster, but what was 2020’s booster legendaries?
seems like i have forgot them ;-;