Am I the only one who would want this update more?

Which update would you prefer?
  • Bug fix / tweaks / Quality of life update (fix game kicking, more inventory, more hot slots, unban, gm cooldown, etc.
  • An update with a boosters and more content

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Actually wanted both of them*

Well when they update they only prioritize one of those things, there’s never a balance

You can’t fix a bug without money ( paying employee )
You need an update to earn money ( attract people )

So… you need update/content to fix the bug.

fixing bugs and quality of life attracts new people, and brings back people who stopped playing because of these issues many people suggested to fix since the games release

I quit the game for a years, then comeback because an event not a bug fix.

Ok cool story bro, but you don’t represent the entire community

That why I put an

Not people quit because …

I truly hope that they fix random disconnecting :nail_care:

Events seem to be temporary attraction. After awhile most of those who allegedly came back will dissappear once more. I can tell because majority of clan members of my clan have quitted the game already. I think quality is what matters when it comes to games.

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Yeah the quality of the gameplay is ultimately what makes the game more enjoyable, since all sorts of bugs and disconnetions etc. just make the game more frustrating ultimately leading to people quitting the game because they couldn’t enjoy it anymore.

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We seriously want world unbans, and permanent world bans. It’s kinda unfair how the game ban options for Moderators/Admins are more flexible than world ban options.

And if you ban a hacker from your world, you DON’T want them back after a hour. You just DON’T want them back at all.

Yeah you should have quality rather than quantity but you still want a bit of excitement like a new thing in game.

where is the excitement when you’re getting kicked from the game before you can even do anything


Of course I would like to have both, but there are priorities.

Lately, we have seen the duplication glitch and a lot of exploits inside the game, which should be fixed as soon as possible. It’s also true that there’s a need for the players to feel safe, and at the same time, they want some features that have been suggested since a long time ago.

I understand that the developers have their own plans for the game, and that some of these suggestions are hard to make, but it also would be cool to have more community feature requests more often in-game.
But as I said before, there are some things that needs improvements soon, and that should be the priority to have for the future updates.

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us: pls fix the game
them: haha card update go brrrr

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In any other situation I would agree with you but we haven’t had an update in 2 months we haven’t had a good update that was actually fun in 5 months I’m so bored with no updates so I do want the card update to come ahead of bugs.

So, besides the quality of life updates Neo has mentioned above, what other QoL features would you want to be added? Who knows the developers are reading this and taking some of these features into consideration…

waiting for that community update :pray:

we haven’t had a good update that was actually fun in 5 months

on a game development standpoint I personally think that’s really bad