An Alternative To "Vending Machines"

Since the community is mostly split on whether to add “Vending Machines” to the game (even though we have the PWE and don’t need vending machines) I suggest we do add Vending Machines, but as a prop that is purely for decoration! It doesn’t do anything except add a little extra deco to your world, perhaps has some sort of quirky animation whenever you hit it.


I think a vending machine prop will be nice! It can be used to some city themed worlds and stuff

This could be a nice april-fools joke update. Devs could announce it as “finally vending machines are coming” and just make it a prop lol.


I’d love to see the players’ reaction!

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hi oshawot im fan
Post must be atleast 20 characthers so this is why i wrote this <-

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That’d be epic.
Imagine if punching it gave you a pop (which doesn’t do anything but would be neat).

that would be cool prop! not really what the other side of the community is asking. honestly prefer pwe over vending machines

Well, if it would be just a prop, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, that would be a cool looking prop for world decoration.

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@Jake This totally a good idea to answer the “When you add vend?” questions.


Great idea!
When hit, it could display one of these yellow messages that says: “Use PWE!”


That would be a good troll from admins :sweat_smile:


I agree, this is a pretty funny thing to add.
I wonder how many players are going to buy the prop thinking they can sell items in it :laughing:.

Daily soda props that change skin color for 5 minutes. People will make vending machine farms

The developers didn’t want to add vending machines or any way for people to keep making ton of profit while they are offline. This probably also why pwe has limited slots.

A gag prop would be nice.

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would be be pretty funny ngl

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+1 (We still do these right?)
Love the idea :flushed:

We know that already.

how bout a vending machine that can access PWE

EndlesS made a block ans prop suggestion thread, you could post that there