An extension to the Jetrace Update

Ok so the Jetrace update was kind of a disappointment since people overhyped it and it wasnt profitable. So, I came up with an extension to it that may make it fun.

So there will be a new area in HANGAR and you will get greeted by a new NPC called "Finn the Fighter’. He sells guns that can be added to your mount (including the free one you get when you dont have a mount). Each gun has a different shooting style/effect. Like one shoots like a rail gun, another spreads, another shoots energy balls in different directions, and more.

Once you buy a gun, there will be another portal in HANGAR where you need to pay 300 gems and more if you want to keep going (just like the normal jetrace).

Once you enter the portal, you wait for other players. Once there is enough players, it will start.

Instead of a race, there will be little obstacles but mecha-monsters (well…something like mini mechagodzillas) will start attacking you. You have to use your gun to shoot them down, and each mecha you kill, you get gems. Once you kill all those mechas, there will be one final one, which is a boss.

If you kill the boss, you get a fragment of it which I am still deciding what to use it for, at the same time an aviation token for the chest and many gems.

And if you want to go again, you will have to pay more gems, and the monsters and the boss will be different and more difficult to beat


Sounds like Secret Base with planes ngl. The boss better be hard.

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Yeah it probably will, at the same time, those mini mechs at the start will actually follow you around in different directions. Some could be fast

And just like the normal race, there will be buzzaws that will cut you if you dont keep on moving

I still play jet race time to time :eyes:
It’s not profitable, but it’s fun though.

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I don’t Think there should be a lot of guns

You run the entire jet race, killing every single mech along the way. It was a dangerous fight. Everyone is beat up and using healing pots to prepare for what’s to come. But suddenly there’s a rumble from the boss chamber. The doors slowly and mechanically creak open. Your entire group freezes in horror at the behemoth that stands before you.



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The red baron will do fine

Kamikaze pilots should be minions