An idea for a NEWS World

someone should start a world where it shows all the information of the update and shows all the new recipes found by players. like the world news in growtopia, where everyone check there and see what new item are in the game, and tells u how to obtain them would be a great idea for someone to do this in here so it a little bit more easier for us to find the items or to understand the update because right now. im confused about the crafting update with all these potions and recipes things. just an idea for players that dedicate to this new upates and recipes.

i think the world daily is what your thinking of?

oh dang didn’t notice that world. but yea pretty much like that one

you cannot really excpect people to update the world within 5 hours

yea ik but this world looks like it being updated like 2-3 weeks ago since jake talked about " removing drop, and trade feature" that is my guess but i yea i don’t expect people to update it within 5 hours just like a world where u can see what is new and what the new recipe like the world DAILY u showed me but with an owner that dedicates his time and effort for this kind of world. would like to see this in the future

yeah there should be a better version of daily

I’ve thought about this, but this activity requires several active players to make it a decent news program. Being active means players need to actually spend time learning about the update and also make it presentable in the world. This takes time, especially if it covers, not only official updates but also, lots of major and perhaps minor event happening in PW. I can see this become a thing if the world owner employs several players as journalists, but the question is where does the money come from?

Thedailypixel. My friend, i need help with it.

money come from trees easy pz, nah joking. yea now i think of it would be very expensive i don’t think anyone would like to do boring stuff to inform everyone about it. but maybe what i was thinking about like someone who has a news world he gets information about people and then he writes it in a sign and says how to obtain and how to get the item, i didn’t specifically said they had to display the item so everyone can see. just write the name of the item and a way to get it. but i think would be hard as well.

PIXELSTATION should be built not by scifi blocks but different, they should add this kind of thing in their world soon.

Why shouldn’t PIXELSTATION be built with sci-fi blocks? It fits the theme of the game perfectly.


i think sci-fi block really fits with the name, and the theme of the world. i don’t see them changing the blocks.

i agree, but i think it should be rebuilded soon without changing the blocks.

i actually get it right now.

thats what i want to do, problem, nobody sells signs

Maybe, but the layout seems pretty fine as it is. It’s based on a spaceship I believe, which PIXELSTATION emulates the feeling of perfectly.

they should extend the spaceship, since its a dynamic world. it needs to be perfect. (ex. add ingame rules, basic infos.)

There’s already a bot for that next to the daily quest bot. I suppose that does bring up an issue in itself though, if you were unable to spot it…

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