An idea to prevent account stealing

A forum has implemented this feature:

And I think it is a cool idea to implement in PW too. Sure, it might not prevent account stealing from your current country, but it is a lot lower probability for someone wanting to hack your account to be from the same country as you.

this is a actually good idea.

The problem I see is that this easily bypassed by using the TOR network or a VPN.

Maybe it should instead only allow logging in from somewhere in the close proximity of places where you previously logged in from. If you are not within the proximity, you are sent an E-Mail to verify if it was you.

Generally I don’t think it’s that neccessary though.

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Hm I think it’s because most “hacks” are not real hacks
But yeah I feel a VPN would just fix it, so I think you should just keep your account safe since that tends to be the reason people lose their items is them doing sus things

What if i use vpn and just like… try every country

Or what if i want to play in another country

Why don’t try this:
Don’t download hacks/malware.


What about a 2 step factor thing?